Tx360 - 10 Pack

Tx360 - 10 Pack
Tx360 - 10 Pack
Price: $650.00
Product Details
The Tx360® device is a small volume (= 1cc) nasal atomizer intended for use in adults to deliver fluids, selected by a healthcare professional, to the mucous membrane covering structures of the nasal pathway, such as the inferior turbinate, middle turbinate, superior turbinate, sphenopalatine foramen, nasal septum, etc. The device is provided sterile for single patient use. It is intended for use on patients with intact nasal mucousa.

This item includes ten(10) Tx360® devices.


Tian Medical is located in Lombard IL. The company is primarily engaged in venture funding, research and development of biotechnology and life sciences. Dr. Tian Xia, the sole owner of the company, had invented Tx360® device. It is currently available for sale in United States, and European Union.


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